10 Amazing Healthy Wakame Seaweed Salad Recipes

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Finding great healthy recipes for Wakame seaweed can be intimidating.  So I have put together 10 healthy Wakame seaweed salad recipes that are not only tasty, but easy to achieve and can transform an ugly looking green into a comforting and nutritious meal.

Edible seaweeds (or sea vegetables) like Wakame and Nori are getting a lot of attention after we found out about that brown seaweed that tastes like bacon. Whilst you wait for bacon seaweed to be made readily available, why not give Wakame seaweed a try?

In this article we will go through:

Why is Wakame Seaweed so Healthy for You

It is a versatile ingredient commonly used in Japanese recipes, and has been used since ancient times to add “umami” to your food (a pleasant savory taste).

Wakame, like many sea vegetables, is a great source of vitamins including vitamins A, C, E, D, and K. As a result it is for fabulous skin health, creation of antioxidants and maintaining a stoic immune system.

It is a dark leafy green that provides good levels of iron to prevent anaemia, and allows for easier absorption of calcium for stronger bones. Wakame seaweed also contains high levels of Iodine, which when eaten in moderation, can aid low thyroid levels (and help speed up a sluggish metabolism).

Now you know why it’s good for you, here are 10 great recipes for Wakame seaweed salad.

10 Amazing Healthy Wakame Seaweed Salad Recipes

1. Wakame, Broccoli and Mushroom Saute

Wakame seawed salad saute with Broccoli and Mushroom
Wakame, Broccoli and Mushroom Saute – phot by WholefoodsMarket

Warm salads are an easier way to get your vegetable intake up during the cooler months. This beautiful saute salad uses Wakame seaweed as a healthy flavouring to the heavier vegetables.

2. Wakame Seaweed and Watermelon Salad

Wakame Seaweed salad with Watermelon
Photo by Colin Campbell for the Guardian

This beautiful Wakame salad combines sweet and savoury flavours in a unique and stylish way. The firm texture of the Watermelon will help offset the soft chewiness of the Wakame, tied together by the tangy sesame dressing.

3. Soba with Seaweed (Wakame), Cucumber and Asparagus

Soba Wakame Seaweed salad wiith Cucumbers and Asparagus
Photo by Daniel Gritzer

The soba noodle is a Japanese staple, and is a serious comfort food whether eaten hot or cold.  This very simple recipe for seaweed salad pasta uses Wakame and Cucumber to give your Soba a salty, crispy twist.

4. Crusted Tofu with Wakame and Lime

Wakame seaweed salad with Crusted Tofu and Lime
Crusted Tofu with Wakame and Lime – Photo by Colin Campbell for The Guardian

The Wakame in this seaweed salad is secondary to the delicate crunch of the tofu, but helps create a filling nutritious meal instead of just an entree.

5. Sea Scallops with Wakame and Sesame

Wakame Seaweed salad with Sesame and Wakame
Sea Scallops with Sesame and Wakame – Photo by Jason Hamilton

Scallops are one of  my absolute favourite seafoods, and this Wakame Seaweed salad recipe makes for a beautiful presentation dish you can use to introduce Wakame to the most elegant company.

6. Wakame Seaweed Salad with Mung Bean Noodles and Prawns

Wakame Seaweed Salad with Mung Bean Noodles and Asian Slaw
Mung Bean Noodles with Wakame Asian Slaw – photo by Mere makes a mess

A great recipe for fussy young eaters, Mung Bean noodles are very low in calories but fun to eat. The Wakame seaweed binds its naturally salty taste to the otherwise bland noodle.

7. Shrimp Burger with Wakame Salad

Shrimp burger with Wakame salad
Shrimp burger with Wakame salad – Photo by The Kitchy Kitchen

Who doesn’t love a good burger? So this recipe isn’t exactly a salad -but it is so much more than that. Combine fast food with good food by trying this burger with Wakame seaweed instead of the usual tomato and lettuce.

3. Sunomono (Cucumber and Wakame Salad)

Photo by Nariko Chen

Sunomono is a classic Japanese salad with light  cucumber alongside the soft salty Wakane Seaweed. The combination of Soy sauce, Ginger and Vinegar makes a side dish with a punch.

9. Japanese marinated rice bowl with Teriyaki marinated salmon, Wakame & Edamame beans

Teriyaki Salmon with Wakame and avocado salad
Teriyaki Salmon with Wakame and avocado salad – Photo by Josephine Malene

Teriyaki Salmon with Avocado is to die for, but with Wakame you will want to live long enough to finish the whole bowl. The sweet Wakame seaweed salad  with the fatty goodness of the salmon and avocado will taste heavenly, and without the hellish consquences sweet things can sometimes bring.

10. Simplified Wakame Seaweed Salad

Wakame Seaweed Salad
Photo by Gourmet Traveller

This Wakane Seaweed salad is a simplified version of the classic found in many sushi shops, but with no less of an impact. Light and fresh, with a little bite from the sesame, it will clean your palate on a hot summer day.

I hope you enjoyed some of these great recipes, and appreciate now how simple and easy it can be to mix in some nutritious seaweed into your diet!

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