Safety Razors with Stands: Our Top Picks

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Last updated: March 8, 2023

Safety Razors with stands are a very handy addition for your shaving kit.

Unlike disposable razors, a safety razor is a tool that you want to maintain and keep for a long time.

Therefore it makes perfect sense to invest in a stand to keep it neat and germ-free.

In this article I will run through the many benefits of getting a safety razor with a stand.

If you read on you will also see my recommendations for the best safety razors with stands that you can buy today.

The Benefits of using Safety Razors with Stands

A stand for a safety razor has a few different uses. The main benefits are storage and hygiene.


The main purpose of a stand for a safety razor is to store it out of the way when you’re not shaving. Many safety razors come with a small stand for this reason.

Most people keep their safety razors on the bathroom sink, or storage cabinet if they don’t use them every day.

For example, if you have a tiny vanity, or you are sharing a bathroom with someone else, you would struggle with space.

safety razor in white bathroom

If you are like me, you have a lot of products in your bathroom already that you like to keep within reach, and that creates clutter.

Therefore getting yourself a safety razor with a stand will give you more shelf or sink space.

Most stands are quite small, and they carry the razor vertically so it doesn’t clutter up your sink. It’s also a nice way to show off your fancy new razor.


Putting your safety razor on a stand also keeps it up from any dirty surfaces.

Bacteria and soap scum can build up fast in the bathroom, especially around your sink and shower.

So if you leave your razor out on your sink it can become a magnet for germs if it is not stored properly.

woman standing shaving leg with safety razor

You should think about investing in a bigger stand to carry your shaving accessories too.

There are plenty of stands that are designed to carry a razor at one end, and a shaving brush at the other.

This is handy if you use an eco-friendly shaving soap instead of cream.

However, if you aren’t ready to make the switch to a bar soap, but want a more sustainable cream, we have some ideas on organic shaving creams that you should try.

Safety Razors with Stands: Our Top Picks

  1. Zomchi Stand Style Rainbow Safety Razor
  2. Bambaw Rose Gold Double Edge Safety Razor with Stand
  3. Weishi Butterfly Safety Razor Kit with Stand and Blades
  4. QSHAVE Premium Quality Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor 700 kit with Stand
  5. Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit by Vikings Revolution

1. Zomchi Stand Style Rainbow Safety Razor

This safety razor is pretty extra, you will definitely want to show it off.

The neat little stand matches the finish of the razor for a seamless look.

Both the razor and stand are made from premium chrome brass.

This means you won’t have to worry about rust damaging that gorgeous rainbow color.

This kit even comes with 5 blades to get you started shaving right away.

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2. Bambaw Rose Gold Double Edge Safety Razor with Stand

Don’t be fooled by the recycled packaging.

This safety razor is a show-stopper in a luxury rose gold finish with a matching stand.

Bambaw knows how to make an eco-friendly product look good, and this safety razor is no exception.

This is a three-piece razor, which means it fully comes apart, making it super easy to clean.

If the matching stand isn’t enough, think about getting yourself the matching No products found. too.

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3. Weishi Butterfly Safety Razor Kit with Stand and Blades

This safety razor set from Weishi is a more traditional look, but is super practical.

It’s a butterfly safety razor, which is the easiest version to change blades.

Just twist the handle at the bottom, and the razor head folds open for you to add or remove the blade.

It’s a long-handle model which is usually easier for beginners to use.

The textured handle is great for grip even with wet and slippery hands.

Finally, it comes with a high-quality aluminum stand for a more discreet look, and 10 starter blades.

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4. QSHAVE Premium Quality Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor 700 kit with Stand

This safety razor kit from Qshave is another step up from the norm.

The razor has an extra feature that many others don’t, which is an adjustable handle.

It allows you to change the blade exposure (set from 1 to 6) depending on how close you want your shave to be.

Therefore it is suitable for both men and women and great for adjusting your shave for tricky areas or stubborn hair.

Qshave has also thrown in some additional accessories on top of the matching stand and blades.

The kit also includes a leather sleeve to protect the head of the razor when it’s in your shaving bag, and a little brush to help clean away any excess hairs.

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5. Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit by Vikings Revolution

This safety razor with a stand is a complete luxury kit with all your accessories.

The stand design is a bit different to the others, as it can hold both your razor and your brush.

This is really a kit for all scenarios, not just small touch-ups.

It comes with a matching brush and shaving bowl, as well as shaving soap for those who prefer a more old-fashioned touch.

For extra self-care, an after-shave balm and pre-shave oil are also included, to keep your hair and skin feeling their best.

All accessories come in either a black or chrome finish to match one another.

With a razor that matches the decor of your bathroom, why would you ever switch back to tacky plastic razors?

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Final Thoughts

Safety Razors with stands are definitely a practical and stylish solution to getting rid of your cheap disposable razor.

There are so many options to choose from that you will certainly find one to suit your style and needs.

You will definitely find they are a long-term investment that is worth every penny.

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