Shampoo Bars for Curly Hair (Buying Guide)

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Last updated: March 8, 2023

Curious about how to better care for your curls? Looking for a practical and natural solution?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose to use shampoo bars for curly hair, which I will discuss in more detail.

Further below, I will also be sharing three of the best curly hair shampoo bars available on the market today.

Why Should You Use Curly Hair Shampoo Bars?

Let’s look at a few reasons why you would want to use shampoo bars specifically for curly hair.

Environmental Concerns

Shampoo bars are often packaged in paper or cardboard, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles. Many shampoo bars have a plastic-free formula and packaging. This also minimizes the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans and landfill.


Shampoo bars are solid. So they are easier to travel with and don’t have the risk of spilling like liquid shampoo. Also they are alot less bulky, and can be easier to take onto carry on luggage in small portions.

Cleansing Bars have become very popular in recent times, but the concept has actually been around for over a century. There are lots of liquid soap substitutes available that you can purchase to use for your body and around your home.

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Shampoo bars can last longer than liquid shampoo because you only need to use a small amount each time you wash your hair. The Hibar Curl shampoo bar we recommend below can last as long as a 16oz bottle!

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Some shampoo bars also double as a conditioner, so you get 2 for the price of 1.

Hair Health

Some people find that shampoo bars are less harsh on their hair and scalp than liquid shampoo.

As they do not contain the same types of sulfates and other chemicals. This is important for curly hair, which can be more prone to dehydration.


Shampoo bars come in a range of formulas and scents, so you can choose one that best suits your hair type and personal preference.

There are plenty of shampoo bars for curly hair on the market that you can test out, and we have listed a few of our favorites below.


Shampoo bars can be more cost-effective in the long run because they last longer and you don’t need to purchase them as often.

With a liquid shampoo, it can be easy to squeeze too much out of the bottle, which means you end up using more than you need.

But with a shampoo bar, you have more control, and you only need a small amount to create a good lather.

Also you can use every last piece of the bar, unlike liquid shampoo where you always have a bit left over in the bottle that ends up in the bin.

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Gentle on Hair

Some people find that shampoo bars are gentler on their hair than liquid shampoos, especially if they have sensitive scalps or are prone to dandruff.

Botanical butters like coconut oil and shea butter are a popular addition for their scent and moisturising properties.

But for those with more sensitive skin, its just as easy to find a non-soap or fragrance free option.


Many people find that shampoo bars are just as effective as liquid shampoos at cleansing the hair and scalp.

The application can take some getting used to at first if you are used to using liquid shampoo. But once you perfect your technique you will find a little bit will go a long way.

Overall, shampoo bars can be a good alternative to liquid shampoo for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly, convenient, and gentle option for cleansing their curly hair.

So if you are ready to try out a shampoo bar on your gorgeous curls, here are some of the best options you can find.

Best Shampoo Bars for Curly Hair

  1. HIBAR Curl Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair
  2. Ethique Professor Curl Curl-Defining Solid Shampoo Bar
  3. Pacific Spirit Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair

1. HIBAR Curl Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair

This cute pink shampoo bar from Hibar has an angled shape, which makes it easier to hold and rub into your hair.

All of their bars are sulfate and paraben free, so you know your curls will stay soft and hydrated.

This pink one is designed for curled or textured hair, with nourishing Babassu and Pracaxi butter plastic-free, and one bar can last as long as a 16oz bottle of shampoo, so its a very waste-conscious product.

The Hibar range is also free from other nasties like phthalates, silicones and fragrances. It also has no synthetic colours or soap, which can be great for those with sensitive scalps.

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2. Ethique Professor Curl Curl-Defining Solid Shampoo Bar

Ethique is an amazing eco-friendly brand with a great origin story. They are very invested in making ethical products, so all of their shampoo bars are vegan and cruelty free.

The Professor Curl shampoo bar is free from soap, sulfates, silicones, waxes, and drying alcohols.

Instead its got a bunch of natural ingredients like Shea Butter and betaine (made from sugar beets) to keep your curls healthy and in check.

Their packaging is also super cool. It’s made from PEFC certified cardboard, so not only can you recycle it, you can even compost it at home. So thats no plastic, and you can manage the waste in your own backyard.

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3. Pacific Spirit Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair

This shampoo bar by Pacific Spirit gives us chilled island vibes, with it’s cool packaging and passionfruit scent.

But don’t let that fool you about how effective this shampoo bar is for your curly locks.

It’s super concentrated, so a single bar will last nearly 100 washes, which is equivalent to roughly 3 bottles of liquid shampoo.

It uses some powerful natural ingredients including Sapote butter, which is an exotic fruit used in South America to add volume and shine to your curly hair.

The conditioning effect of this 2-in-1 shampoo bar is pretty intense, which is great for travelling so you can do it all with a single product.

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Final Thoughts

I hope I have convinced you to worship your lovely curly locks with a great shampoo bar.

Once you find the right bar you will barely notice the difference on your hair between this and a liquid shampoo.

Your hair, your wallet and the planet will thank you for making such an easy switch!

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