Finding The Best Indoor Grow Tent for You

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Last updated: February 24, 2023

So you want to grow awesome plants indoors? Let’s face it, that’s why you’re here. But even if you’re just growing tomatoes, finding the best indoor grow tent can help you harvest a cash crop.

Indoor grow tents are fantastic for growing plants that may not grow naturally in your area, and help them thrive all year round.

In this article we will list out the best indoor grow tents you can find, and what are the benefits of using one.

What is an Indoor Grow Tent?

An indoor grow tent is like a cheat’s version of an indoor greenhouse.

Instead of building a controlled space out of glass, or isolating an entire room in your house, you can easily (and cheaply) set up an indoor grow tent.

What Are the Benefits of Using an Indoor Grow Tent?

1. Cost

Indoor grow tents are generally made from fabric, which as you can imagine is a lot more cost-effective than regular building materials like glass.

Being made from fabric also makes grow tents light, easy to move around, and simple to set up anywhere in your space.

Between harvests, you can easily pack them away into storage.

tomatoes growing on the vine
Tomatoes are a favorite for indoor growing with a good grow tent and LED light setup.

Try doing that with a regular greenhouse.

Mylar fabric is one of the most popular materials for lining the inside of an indoor grow tent.

It is a highly reflective and insulating fabric.

As a result it is fantastic for keeping light and heat inside your grow tent.

2. Control

Getting the best indoor grow tent is like buying yourself an amazing fish tank.

You are basically setting up an entire ecosystem for your plants.

Variables such as light, temperature, wind and humidity are far more easily controlled in the safety of an indoor grow tent than outdoors.

One of the main features of an indoor grow tent is keeping in the light.

The interior walls of an indoor grow tent are usually lined with a reflective material, meaning that the sunlight from your grow lights is massively amplified.

This is great for plants like garlic that thrive on sunlight, and it is a great help during the winter months when the days are shorter.

Most indoor grow tents have rails or other fittings you can use to easily mount your lights however you want.

gorilla grow tent with light inside

Heat and humidity are two other important factors.

The reflective surfaces reflect the heat as well and insulate the temperature inside the tent. As a result Heat and moisture can’t escape easily.

You can also easily install a thermometer or humidity meter to keep track of this.

Grow heaters are another great product you can add to your setup.

You can get indoor grow tents with heaters already built-in, or with cutouts or removable panels to fit one in later.


acurite humidity meter on fridge
Humidity meters like the Acurite Humidity Monitor can be crucial for keeping your your crops healthy.

Plants also need air to breathe, and indoor grow tents can assist with this as well.

The best indoor grow tents come with ventilation, and fan systems to help circulate the air inside the tent.

3. Cleanliness

Indoor grow tents are usually associated with hydroponic growing.

This means growing plants in water instead of soil.

hydroponic vegetables in rows

This means no dirt or smelly manures or compost is required.

But even if you do grow in soil you can keep those sights and smells contained inside your indoor grow tent.

It’s a win- win situation.

4. Privacy

Even if your plants are legal, there are plenty of other reasons why you might keep your crop private.

Maybe you live in a dodgy neighborhood or have jealous neighbors who may be keen to get their hands on your crops.

Also if you have people over and you don’t want to show off your plants, having an inconspicuous grow tent can be a good solution.

Your problem may not even human.

indoor plants on window sill

For example if your neighborhood is a breeding ground for stray cats or pesky birds, keeping your crops indoors will defend against these pests.

The better online brands also make sure to send you the tent in discreet packaging to avoid unwanted attention.

5. Variety

Indoor grow tents come in a massive range of shapes and sizes as well as complexity.

You can buy a small tent just for seedlings, which looks just like a cooler bag for plants.

Or, you can get yourself a full-scale hydroponics kit in tent form, fitted out with indoor grow lights, pumps and grow trays.

The variety of plants that you can grow indoors will increase with a grow tent as well.

hydropponic vegetables on a table
The variety of fruits and vegetables you can grow indoors can expand with the use of a grow tent.

Because you have better control of the light, humidity and temperature in a grow tent, you may be able to expand the range of fruits and vegetables that you can grow at home.

The tent may pay for itself in a few months, just from the savings of growing your own fruit and vegetables.

An easier start: All – in One Grow Tents

Kits have their advantages, especially if you just want to get started growing without the hassle of individually picking out every part.

You can simply get an all in one hydroponics kit which not only give you all the equipment, but nutrient starters for your water and access to online support and information.

All-in-one grow tents can be a good package deal for a beginner grower.

These grow tent kits are usually cheaper than buying all the parts individually from different suppliers.

Keep in mind you may be restricted if you want to swap out a light or a tray later on.

As the replacements may have to come from the same company you bought the kit from.

You also want to customize your indoor grow tent to suit the plants and the conditions of your home, and an all in one kit may not allow you that flexibility.

In order to give you a good discount on your package, your supplier may give you a bunch of sub-standard parts.

Make sure you check the specs of each part you are getting in your package to make sure they are of a quality you are happy with.

Which is the Best Indoor Grow Tent for me?

  1. For the Beginner: Best Beginner Indoor Grow Tent
  2. For Tight Spaces: Best Small Indoor Grow Tent
  3. If you have a Small Budget: Best Indoor Grow Tent Package Under $250
  4. If you want an Award Winner: Best All Round Indoor Grow Tent

For the Beginner: Best Beginner Indoor Grow Tent

Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit Complete SF-1000

If you are new to indoor growing and you want a simple kit to get started straight away, the Spider Farmer Grow Tent Kit is a good option.

The tent size is roughly the same as a built-in wardrobe, so it doesn’t take up too much space but you can still get a decent yield.

All the heavy lifting is already done for you with the parts they have included in this kit.

There is a LED Grow light with long-life Samsung diodes, a dimmer switch and 3-year warranty.

The ducting has Australian charcoal filters to clean the air and hide any smells, and a timer and temperature gauge for checking your air temperature.

The grow tent is fairly simple to put together with posts and connectors included.

There are 4 x 5 Gallon growing bags included. All that’s left for you to get are some trays, soil and seeds and you are ready to grow.

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For Small Spaces: Best Small Indoor Grow Tent

CoolGrows Grow Tent

The oolGrows Grow Tent is about the same size as a bookcase or a wardrobe, making it fairly un-intrusive.

Multiple 5-gallon pots will fit comfortably inside this tent, making it a decent size for both plants and seedlings.

There are two fan ducts, one at the top and one at the bottom of the tent.

The interior is made from reflective Mylar fabric which is a popular industry standard for grow tents.

CoolGrows claim they can reflect 93-97% of light back into the tent.

The CoolGrows grow tent is a breeze to put together, and has very reliable zips.

The inside zip flaps also do a good job of keeping light from leaking out of the tent and creating glare in your room.

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If you have a small Budget: Best Indoor Grow Tent Package Under $250

VIVOSUN 48 x 24 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The Vivosun 48 x 24 Mylar Grow Tent is a steal, if you are looking to get a package under $250 USD.

It usually retails at under $100 USD which is well under the majority of big-name brands. You can also go up a size and keep under budget, making it a versatile option for your space.

You might be getting a bargain, but many of the features which are standard on the more expensive models can be found on this grow tent.

These include heavy-duty ceiling bars for heavy lighting, generous vents for fans, and lightweight steel construction for easy installation.

This Grow Tent is also constructed from heavy-duty Mylar fabric which is the industry standard.

The neon green stripping allows the tent seams and zippers to be easily located in a dark space. One great feature of this tent is the viewing window with a velcro cover.

You can use this to peek inside at your crops without opening the doors and losing too much light.

The ceiling frame also includes handy mounting rings for hanging lights.

There is also a removable floor tray to make it easy to clean the floor without dismantling the tent.

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If You want an Award Winner: Best All-round Indoor Grow Tent

Gorilla Lite Line Grow Tent

The Gorilla Lite Line Grow Tent lives up to the hype, it’s got the goods in nearly every category.

What makes this tent different from the rest of Gorilla’s range is its lightness, and ease of setup.

If you get a chance check out the time-lapse video on their website of a setup.

The rods and connectors pop together intuitively, and the frame by itself appears weightless.

This is a tent designed for quick portability and easy storage. The heavyweight fabric has no issue containing a heavy blast of sunlight.

There are also some nifty little features like these handy pockets for storing your gardening tools.

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Final Thoughts

So you have a spare bedroom, attic, or basement, why not give indoor growing a try?

Get the best indoor grow tent to suit your needs, and you will be on your way to creating your first bumper crop.

Looking for more indoor gardening tips?

Check out our recommendations for the best hydroponic plants to grow indoors.

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